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Dr. Yogesh Malhotra: RESEARCH: Beyond 'Prediction' to 'Anticipation of Risk': Research Impact among Nobel Laureates: Princeton University Presentations: Digital Ventures:
[Digital Transformation Pioneer] [Computational Quant Analytics] [CyberSecurity Risk Engineering] [AI, Algorithms & Machine Learning] [FinTech: 'Rethinking Finance']
2015 & 2016 Princeton Quant Trading Conference Presentations: Computational Quant & Crypto Machine Learning Algorithms,
2008: AACSB International Impact of Research Report: Named among Black-Scholes, Harry Markowitz & Bill Sharpe

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*Bayesian vs. VaR *Markov Chain Monte Carlo Models *Mobile Trust Models * Pen Testing Frameworks *Bitcoin Cryptanalytics *NFS Cryptanalytics Algorithms
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U.S. National Science Foundation SBIR/STTR Grants
Cybersecurity & Cybercomputing Expert Panels

Phase I ($100K Per Proposal) and Phase II ($500K Per Proposal)

32 National Science Foundation SBIR/STTR (Industrial Innovation and Partnerships) Expert Panels
Multimillion dollar grant awards for U.S. IT innovations in Cyber Computing & Cyber Security.

  1. A Novel Three-Dimensional Ear Biometric Technique
  2. A WebTurbine for Lightweight, Ubiquitous Internet Publishing
  3. BriefMaker - A Requirements Definition Tool
  4. Commercialization of Publicly Available Works
  5. Computer Aided Medical Website Evaluation
  6. Computerized Tool for Baggage Screening
  7. Development of 802.11 Asset Tag
  8. Dynamic Automated Search in the Context of Knowledge Creation
  9. GeoPOP: A Real-Time Location-Based Handheld Application
  10. Highly Accurate Reconstruction Module for Multidisciplinary Computation
  11. Hypertext Data Analysis Mapping: Software for Capturing, Organizing, and Reviewing Data Analyses
  12. Integrated Software and Systems for Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization
  13. Integrating Usability Engineering into a Method for Multiple Platform User Interface Deployment
  14. Location-based PDA Bird Field Guide
  15. Low-Cost System For Making Online Purchases
  16. Modeler's Workbench: Web Services-based Modeling Platform for the Process Industry
  17. Multi-channel, Multi-device Collaboration System - Driving the Mobile Value Chain
  18. Nanoscale Transport Processes Prediction/Design/Analysis Tool for NEMS Applications
  19. Networked Basin Simulation Environment
  20. Next Generation Binary Decision Diagrams Based Logic Optimization System
  21. Object-Oriented Groundwater Data Repository Technology
  22. Personalized Wireless Network
  23. Polymer Workbench: Web Service Modeling Application Service and Integration for the Polymer Industry
  24. PortSirIsaac--A Web Productivity Portal for Science and Mathematics
  25. QTIPs - 24-Hour Technology Intelligence & Forecasting
  26. Quality-Based Knowledge Discovery for Information Retrieval in Large Communities
  27. Relational Database with Multiple User Interfaces Using Web Services Technology
  28. Technological Advances for On-line Pesticide Reporting Project
  29. Technology Stamps
  30. The Atmospheric Information Remote Project: A Commercial Software for Personal Computing Devices
  31. Unlocking Tacit Knowledge through Content-based Instant Messaging
  32. Web-Based International Trade Knowledge Discovery System