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Quantitative Models & Quantitative Methods Validation Review Panels
Computer Science, Economics, Information Technology, Operations Research

Academy of Management's Best Reviewer Award
- Structural Quantitative Modeling Article Best Paper Review


Editorial Reviewer Referee Panels of Tier-1 Research Journals
- 100+ Quantitative Statistical Modeling Reviews
- Structural Equation Models, Econometric Models, Regression Models, etc.
- For Research Publications such as:

Cambridge University Press, Harvard Business School Publishing


UN Global Economic Policy Expert Panel
United Nations World Headquarters, New York City, New York

- Invited Expert Paper on Quantitative Measurement of National Assets
- Invited Plenary Keynote on Quantitative Measurement of National Assets
- 1 of 4 Global Economists on
Global Expert Panel of 4 Economists
- 1 of 2 US Economists leading the Global Expert Panel
-- Among: Northwestern University Economics Department Chair


Research Monograph Reviews


Invited Editorial Review Panels


American Management Association

Butterworth-Heinemann Business Books

CRC Press

Cambridge University Press

Harvard Business School Publishing

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Perseus Books

Prentice Hall Professional Reference

Sage Publications



Research Journal Paper Reviews


Invited Associate Editor


e-Service Quarterly (Indiana University Press)

Information Resources Management Journal


Invited International Editorial Advisory Boards


Knowledge Management (UK)

The Learning Organisation: An International Journal (UK)

International Journal of Nuclear Knowledge Management  (France)
Global Journal of e-Business and Knowledge Management (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)

Invited Knowledge Management Special Issues Editor


Expert Systems with Applications: An International Journal

Information Resources Management Journal

Information Strategy: The Executive’s Journal

Journal of Global Information Management

Invited Editorial Review Panels


Communications of the ACM

Decision Sciences

IBM Systems Journal

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

Information Resources Management Journal

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

International Journal of Information Management

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

Journal of Association for Information Systems

Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship

Journal of Information Technology and Management

Journal of Management

Journal of Management Information Systems

Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce

Journal of Strategic Information Systems

MIS Quarterly

OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science

Research Conference Paper Reviews


Invited Editorial Review Panels


Academy of Management

Association for Information Systems

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Information Resources Management Association

International Conference on Information Systems.