Seminal contributors and most cited authors in Knowledge Management scholarly research. (1990-2002)

From: 'Examining the Intellectual Structure of Knowledge Management, 1990-2002: An Author Co-citation Analysis.' University of Minnesota Management Information Systems Research Center Study. MISRC Working Paper #03-23, March 2003.

Alavi M

Hansen M

Oleary D

Stewart T

Argyris C

Hedlund G

Orlikowski W

Sveiby K

Barney J

Holsapple C

Polanyi M

Szulanski G

Blackler F

Huber G

Porter M

Teece D

Brown J

Kogut B

Prahalad C

Tsoukas H

Cohen W

Lave J

Prusak L

Vonhippel E

Daft R

Liebowitz J

Quinn J

Vonkrogh G

Davenport T

Leonard Barton D

Romer P

Walsh J

Drucker P

Machlup F

Ruggles R

Weick K

Duguid P

Malhotra Y

Sanchez R

Wenger E

Edvinsson L

March J


Wiig K

Garvin D

Mintzberg H

Senge P

Winter S

Ghoshal S

Nelson R

Simon H

Zack M

Grant R

Nonaka I

Spender J

Hamel G

Odell C

Stein E


Related: Most cited authors, 1995-2001, From: Srikantaiah, T. Kanti & Koenig, Michael. Knowledge Management for the Information Professional (Association for Information Science and Technology: ASIS&T Monograph Series). January, 2000.